Welcome to our I.G. PUBLIC SCHOOL

  • Charthawal Road Muzaffarnagar

  • Affi. No.-2132786 Affliated to CBSE New Delhi

  • Phone : +91-8755906011 +91-8755906012, 8755906013


We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education’s curriculum. We offer a wide range of subjects and co-curricular activities. With international boundaries shrinking, fast growing communication technology, the world economy, and business process outsourcing – global acceptance of Indian economic and intellectual growth has opened a huge challenge to our educational system. We cannot limit our kids to old educational structures anymore. Recent gradations for board examinations and introduction of USA (Uniform System of Assessment) system under the guidelines of the CBSE curriculum and we are going to follow the same.

We intend to hone the inherent skills and personalities of the children and make them globally competitive without burdening their frail, innocent minds. Special remedial, as well as enrichment classes, are organized for students requiring further attention.