Welcome to our I.G. PUBLIC SCHOOL

  • Charthawal Road Muzaffarnagar

  • Affi. No.-2132786 Affliated to CBSE New Delhi

  • Phone : +91-8755906011 +91-8755906012, 8755906013


The registration, admission fee and annual charges are deposited only once at the time of admission. Fees will be deposited in the I.G. Public 

School, Charthawal Road, Muzaffarnagar; in quarter i.e., April July, October & January as per schedule is given below:-


  • 1st quarter (Apr to June)          upto 15 Apr
  • 2nd quarter (July to Sep)         upto 15 July
  • 3rd quarter (Oct to Dec)           upto 15 Oct
  • 4th quarter  (Jan to Mar)          upto 15Jan


After 15th, a penalty will be Rs. 5//- per day to the maximum of Rs. 100.

The fees are not deposited i.e., by the 15th of the following month (i.e., May, Aug, Nov & Feb) the name of the students will be struck off the rolls and He/She shall be readmitted on payment pf Re-admission fees of Rs.1000/-(One Thousand).